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Linux.be.EU.org - Belgian Linux Organisation
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User Groups

IGUANA vzw/asbl - Independant Group of Unix-Alikes and Networking Activists
HCC Linux gg
Antwerp Linux User Group
Linux Belgian Team
The Linux division of RTFM (Réseaux Télématique Francophonie Multimedia)
Local Linux Support Group Gent
The OTA Linux SIG
The Linux SIG of the Open Technology Assembly vzw/asbl (the former Belgian Unix Users Group (B.U.U.G.))


aDOC Services sprl
Sells Preconfigured Linux Systems
Better Access N.V.
Distributors of the Caldera products, Linux consultancy (Phone, E-Mail, remote network administration, inhouse and onsite).
Bits over Atoms bvba/sprl
Sells Preconfigured Linux Systems, Linux Consultancy
Double Barrel Consultancy and Productions
Linux consultancy (Phone, E-Mail and inhouse)
D. Connect
Linux consultancy
Phidani Software SPRL
Linux consultancy (Phone, E-Mail, remote network administration, inhouse and onsite).

Linux Case Studies

Example of an Intranet (based on Linux) in a clinical environment
Presentation of the solution used in UZA (Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen), on the OTA Linux SIG website.
M-TECH Linux Business Applications - BeFree SA/NV
An overview of how the company 'BeFree SA/NV' uses Linux.

Software repositories

Mirrors: Linux/680x0 project, Linux kernel, Slackware, funet, sunsite.unc (incl. Redhat)
FUNDP, dept. Info - FTP server
Mirrors: RedHat
KULeuvenNet FTP server
Mirrors: Debian
KULeuven Student Ulyssis FTP Server
Token Ring for Linux
RMA FTP Server
UCL Faculté de médicine FTP Server
Mirrors: McAfee VirusScan for Linux
UIA FTP Server
Mirrors: RedHat
ULG Institut Montefiore Student FTP server
VUB FTP server
Mirrors: MkLinux
Antrasite FTP Server
Belgacom Interpac FTP server
Mirrors: Slackware
Belgacom Skynet FTP Server
Mirrors: kernel
EUnet Belgium FTP server
Mirrors: Linux kernel, Debian
Globe FTP server
Mirrors: kernel
Linkline FTP Server
Mirrors: kernel, last kernel

Related, non-Linux

MICROBE - More Individual Consumers React Openly
Discussions on privacy, encryption, freedom of information, protection of intellectual property etc.





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